Tips and Tricks on Painting Furniture

For those in search of ways to renovate furniture through painting, this is the place to be! As hiring a professional painter to do the job can be quite expensive, learn how you can achieve the same results by doing it yourself.


Prepare the Furniture

The first step is to thoroughly clean and sand the pieces that you will be painting. The amount of pre-work will depend on the finish of the furniture. If it is already painted, you will have to sand it a little bit more than what would be done on an unfinished piece. However, it is important to note that you do not have to completely remove all the traces of the previous paint as it will be covered.


You can take the next step which is to make sure that the surface is even and smooth. You need to sand as much as you possibly can to maintain an even surface. If the original paint appears to be in good condition, you can simply sand the top coat. Make sure the piece is completely smooth before you can start painting.




Priming provides the base layer in which the paint can stick to, as well as makes the finished product more durable. In addition, the painted color is able to maintain the same shade without changing after placement. As primers are usually thicker than regular paint, it is advisable to use a brush or a roller to spread it onto the surface of the furniture at work.




One of the best equipment to use for painting is the paint sprayer. This is because it gives the smoothest finish, is faster than other equipment used for this activity, and produces the best results. When using a paint sprayer, all you need to do is pour the paint into an appropriate container, press the trigger and begin painting. However, this may vary depending on the type of sprayer in use.


It is advisable to use two coats of paint to receive the best outcome. However, if your desire is to achieve a completely smooth finish, you need to lightly sand between coats using fine-grit sandpaper.




This is the process that makes your furniture easier to clean, more durable, and protected from scratches and dings. There are different recommendations based on the finish that you select. A polyacrylic or polyurethane is safe to use on any piece of furniture.


If you aim to achieve a shinier and thicker finish, you should consider using the lacquer. However, this product has a strong smell. In case you have stained the furniture as compared to painting, you can use something as simple and light as finishing oil.


Drying Process


To ensure that the paint on your furniture lasts for the longest time possible, allow it to dry completely before it can get back into your space. For paint to reach its maximum hardness, it requires at least 30 days of drying after application. However, it is possible to wait this long to use your piece again.


Therefore, it is advisable to wait for at least 24 hours after painting before touching or interacting with the piece. You also need to avoid getting into contact with it for about one to two weeks to give it enough time to harden. For more ideas, you can also check our guide on how to press flowers with wax paper.